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Top 10 Home Cleaning Tips

Presented by R&B Cleaning Service
Housecleaning has become an art – and the experts at R&B Cleaning Service have tips for everything from stain removal to eliminating odors in your refrigerator.
Based on our experience and the opinions of industry experts, presented here are the Top 10 Home Cleaning Tips for cleaning your home.

1. Keep Your Home Smelling Clean and Fresh

Many kinds of odors can linger in rooms where we live: pet smells, musty scents, dusty furniture, and even cooking smells from strong foods like garlic or fish.
Eliminating odors, and preventing their causes, will leave your home feeling and smelling fresher and cleaner.
Try these suggestions for keeping your rooms cleaner and fresher smelling.
Make your own natural fragrance. Look for home-made deodorizers in craft stores or in some recipe books. Boiling a teaspoon of vanilla or a sweet-smelling spice like cinnamon in water can make your home smell wonderful, since these spices absorb more smells than they cover them.
Light a candle. Look for scented candles - and avoid metal wicks, which, when burning, may release lead into the air that can be harmful for breathing.
Refrigerator Odors. There are few things that can take your appetite away faster the opening the refrigerator and smelling old food, onions, and the fish in the freezer.
To cure refrigerator smells, pour a little vanilla on a piece of cotton and place it in the refrigerator. The refrigerator will smell great for weeks. An open box of baking soda will also help to eliminate odors.