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10 Good Reasons To Choose Us


1) Excellent customer care: We pride ourselves on our close relationship with clients built on the simple virtues of punctuality, good time keeping and courteousness


2) Super quality cleaning: Our work is always done to a very high standard, tailored to your exact requirements. All work is agreed in advance using a detailed job specification sheet.


3) Professional and fully trained staff: All our staff can be identified by their smart uniform and name badge. We carry out the strictest security checks on all our staff and every employee is fully trained to meet your requirements.


4) Insured, Bonded, Background-Checked. R&B Cleaning Service  takes the hiring and training of its cleaners very seriously. Although many of our cleaners have previous cleaning experience, each of our cleaners is trained for 3-5 days, by our VP of Operations or one of our trainers. This training ensures that our cleaners: 1) clean effectively, 2) are less likely to damage your personal items, 3) maintain a professional dress, demeanor, and attitude (our cleaners will arrive professionally dressed and will not be on the phone in your apartment for more than a minute at a time (usually with the home office)). Further, although theft has never been a major issue here at R&B Cleaning Servive, we perform a thorough background check on every employee. Additionally, in the rare case of theft, we are bonded to allow for recovery of the value of stolen items.